Long square taper, cotterless, cranks

looking for some unicycle cranks for a bike project.

So when I say long, I mean by unicycle standards. I’m interested in anything between 170mm and 175mm. Any offset is fine. I’m looking at spiderless (removable spider) bike cranks too like XT M739 cranks. So if you have anything like this let me know.

I would like to find a nice quality set. They can be dinged up, but not low quality.


I have 170’s off a Torker LX. They are probably lower quality than you are looking for but you can have them for the cost of shipping. PM me if interested.

Thanks for the offer. I’m gonna hold out for something a bit nicer, but if nothing shows i may check back with you.

I’ll check at work if we have any sweet mtb cranks lying around! I doubt we do but we might be lucky :slight_smile: