long neck or short neck

I’m looking in to geting qx series trails, and was thinking about the long neck, but not sure if its gunna be quite high as I ussually have my seat quite low, if it was to high how possible would it be to take an angle grinder to it to make it a bit shorter?

Seems like it would be very possible to cut it shorter. The the hard part would be cutting a slit for seatclamp, but I think it would be quite doable.

How tall are you? I’m about 5’7"–5’8" and my KH20 Longneck fits just fine. When I do flatland, trials it’s got an inch to two inches to spare, when I do more freestyle tricks I’ve got a lot more room.

Also, what length cranks. That has an effect. I ride 137s on it. I’ve never had a non-long neck 20", so I am not sure the difference between it and a non-long neck. I hear it keeps the clamp away from your clothes. I do like the look of it though.

I’m 5’10 so you’ve put my mind at rest for me fitting on it and riding without platform boots on.
I’ll have 125mm cranks on it aswell

You’ll fit then, I’m 5’7 and it works for me.

Cheers mate, long neck it is