Long Jump

just wondering, how far can people rolling hop? what are the records?

i jumped 190cm today (i think thats about 6 foot 3 inches). i am 14 years old and only about 160 cm tall (5 foot 3 inches i think!). is this a decent jump?

Sounds pretty decent to me! But I can’t rolling hop to save my life. The NZ record holder is about your age, maybe a bit older I suppose, I have no idea, he can jump over 2.3m, I’m not sure what he got in the end though.

Here’s a start.

And the results of the recent NZ Uni Weekend where the winning long jump was 2.45m.

Your 1.90m looks pretty good.

If people are going to start posting how far they can jump, please also post your static gap length, I’ve done 1.8m, would be impressed by anyone who can do 2m!

Static gap: 1.575 meters, at O.U.I 05.

Rolling long jump: About the same, maybe less.


Moritz Hahn holds the current Worldrecord with 2,60m, inofficiall he jumped 2,65m.

How are you guys measuring your jumps? The IUF now has official rules for the competition event, though these are not necessarily what has been used at competitions in the past:

If you use sticks and a witness, it’s very easy to see whether you cleared an exact distance or not.

We use the method with the two sticks.

The 2-stick method was also used at the recent NZUNi Nationals. It is by far the fairest and least subjective method I’ve seen for long jump.

I can appreciate the fairness of the stick method but I also have my reservations…

I filmed Peter VB (munimanpete) when he was going for 2.5m at the NZUni longjump competition and although he shaved the top of the “landing stick” when he landed (therefore discrediting the jump), by the time he actually made contact with the ground, he’d infact cleared the distance by a good 10cm!!

If the sticks used had been lower profile he would have been credited with clearing the distance so I think we should be aiming to use lower profile sticks or else consider other methods of measuring official records. This is afterall a longjump competition so the height of the jump shouldn’t need to be a factor.


OK so maybe it wasn’t 10cm but it’s definitely disputable about whether he made the distance or not…

I do think that if we’d used a lower profile stick there wouldn’t have been any contact.

Pete, I though we taped over my final 1.5m jump attempt? So you sure that one is it? Cos I remember when we watched it the distance being bigger, more like 10cm :wink:
And then yeah I thought we forgot to go forward and taped over my last jump…

yeah i’m not too sure, I remember the distance you cleared it by being much bigger… maybe I’ve posted the frames from your 2nd attempt at 2.5m? The frame “NZuniWknd5.jpg” is the last frame on the tape before the Pidgeon Park stuff.

Lol, if you look at “NZUniWknd1.jpg” (above), it’d be so mint if that’d been up onto a ledge, that’s gotta be like 2m across AND 40cm up!!!

DANG!! how do you rolling hop so high and far?
any tips???

i can only go about 5 feet and maybe 10-12 inches if i’m lucky

how do you guys tuck your feet up so far foreward? i tried yesterday and felt like i looked ridiculous, plus was probably getting 8 inches of height maybe?

Thats pretty dang good, far better than me and im 5’11…So its very good and keep it up!

ive almost hit 9 feet rol hopping from a side walk to a pallet. The pallet and the sidewalk were the same height.

Justin K

Here’s Pete VBs first official attempt at 2.5m, do YOU reckon he made it?

something like this, electronic line monitoring system for a tennis court might be the way to go?

I’d be interested to see how far Pete VB could jump on a better surface. That polished wooden floor is pretty slippery. Not so bad this year, but still slippy nonetheless.

I was thinking… I wonder if it’ll get so specific that people will one day have “long jump unicycles”… so, if you get a “left-foot forward jumper”, they’d buy a unicycle with special spokes (that they’d have re-tensioned after each jump), rim, tyre all designed for maximum bounce when the rider has their left foot forward.

aerodynamic, super light frames… slightly flexible cranks?

I’m not sure what the optimum wheel size is? Did that guy Lutz get the world record on a 24"? Maybe a GUni would work best? or else possibly a spring loaded coker and a massive run up!

Talking of wheel sizes. I’d really like to see a 22" trials uni (or possibly a 21.5")! I really feel like my 24" is a bit big and clumsy and my 19" is a bit small for getting maximum speed on rolling hops. Are you reading this Kris Holm? Also, 140s on a 19" clip the ground a bit too often.