Long Jump World Record

Vid from the NZuni weekend with Pete vb smashing the world long jump record

also the high jump finals


Woot!!! :astonished:

Only if it was a sideshot of the gap though.

that was big.

well done, i wasnt expecting it to be on a 24

So it seems to be the yeart of long jump :slight_smile:
Record goes from 2,60 to 2,66 and now to 2,80 Meter. Congratulation to NZ !

great effort on the long jump.

i really liked the video editing too.

Hmm, would have been more impressive if the angle was better.
Well done on the record though!

Rock on!

mmm ya that was what i was thincking 2 still nice


Thanks for the footage!

Verry high and verry far! :astonished:

pretty sure hes on a 24", hell yeah


Yea the anlge wasnt great, there are other videos of it which are better angles,

Cheers about the editing, i tried to make it look nice, i still laugh when i watch joe dyson and nick petrenko rolling hop 80cm as there so identical in time lol


can someone please put it in the gallery so i can watch it at school? Youtube is blocked with this computer. Thanx

I don’t like the idea of it on a 24inch. What’s the 20inch record?

-Shaun Johanneson

As far as i know the records have only been set on 24’s

Joe Dyson from New Zealand has done a 2.7 meter gap,

Nick Petrenko does a similar gap

We will have to wait till the next time an official Long Jump is run to find out what the 20inch record is


use vtunnel.com if you want to get around the filter.

The former worldrecord was 2.66m by Rocco Schulz (he beats a few weeks ago Moritz Hahns Worldrecord from 2.6m) both on a 20inch unicycle.

i thought it was 2.76m by unicyclistjoe, over a gap

where can I find the rules on how the distance is measured??
btw… it was only 2.795 m … I will give you 2.8 m, it was cleared by a solid 3" or so, huge hops, you have my props :slight_smile:

That wasnt official, and I believe it was 2.86m. Rocco jumped 2.66m officially, he thinks he will beat it, haha. He says he was drinking heavily the day before when he set the record. Ha, wait untill he replies before you take what I say to seriously.

It was indeed an impressive jump. Really liked it, and the movie was great too. Thanks.


wow!! BIG jump!!!
i cant even jump like 20cm…:frowning:
I thought that zack baldwin has world record.