Long jump improvements, observations and photos...

This afternoon I finally got the chance to get out and train for UniNats (keeping in mind that training on a unicycle is lots of fun). I’m almost at the point of changing my long jump style to a rolling hop. My current PB for side hopping is 1.50m but today I did several rolling hops over 1.50m which I took videos of including one estimated 1.70m hop. I say estimated because as you can see in the photos, I haven’t got any frames showing the actual landing. I was always careful to take off before the starting marker.

Thanks to whoever it was that suggested the way I’m setting my rolling hops up now. I placed a marker down a bit less than 10m away from the jumping spot and rode up to the spot. I looked at the position of my pedals and adjusted the marker until it was right. This way I could start from that point every time and not misjudge the run-up.

I had no idea my tyre was folding so much with the side hop technique. It seems to be actually dangerously close to hitting the rim on the cement so I think I’ll have to change my pressure to about 25psi for side hopping as opposed to the current 18psi.

For anyone who has access to a video camera of some sort, I strongly suggest you go out and take some videos of your technique if you want to improve.


p.s. Sam, could you please reply to that PM

training - analysis photo 1.jpg

Nice camera shots Andrew. I’d be changing your tyre pressure to 25psi or maybe 26psi. My juggleart 20" is at 32psi for smooth riding because I got smooth tyre and only design for Juggling or Indoor/Outdoor riding. E.g. Unicycling Basketball. I did a punctured once and had a patch on it. (And still holding well after 10 years of owning it) I bought a spare tyre tube from Big W (Wal Mart in the U.S.) and the guy I was speaking too had a unicycle but didn’t know about Uni’s until I’ve talk to him that I was a avoid Unicyclist. He too need a tube and I suggest Dunlop 20 x 175 for the inside tyre. We lost contact and didn’t exchanges Phone No’s.
My punctured wasn’t that bad until I found that nail deep inside the inner tube. Lucky it didn’t went straight through it. And I was riding it 2Hrs later and happily riding ever. Keep that up Andrew and I may tried that out one day until I get a bit more Hopping experience.


One tube lasting for 10 years…that’s amazing! I’ve never met any unicyclists by chance like you did. I’m sure it was a pleasant surprise.


It was a surprise to that Andrew, I couldn’t believe it.
I think it’s time for a new one very soon right now as we speak.