Long jump competition:D

I did rolling with a huge line-up, everything else I fall over with lengths that long.

6.5 feet will definitely be a challenge, I can barely manage 6 feet.

I’ve never measured my rolling, I’ll have to try when I get rid of my headache. What do you mean you fall over. Your just like thats way too long, I’d rather take a nap on the street.

woo… Tonight i’ve been hitting 6ft only, almost 6.5 i think, i filmed some stuff. I just got sick of it, since i was doing it from dirt line to dirt line. My dad decided to turn on the sprinklers, ending up soaking my trials set. I would be using pallets, but i guess not…

I’m sticking my landings well though.

I’m in for 200 cm, it will be a challenge considering right now I’m at about 165 cm.:o

Probably not cause it’s simple enough that an afternoon of hopping would get you there if you can’t already do it.
I’m in for 200?cm?
I’ll go see about what I’m at…

i’m really close, but when i get close enough, i just like spin out on my landings for it. I’m hitting like 6 ft, and when i hit a little farther, my tire wiggles out on the landing.

Hey unreal-wheel, see this thread.
(end threadjack)

hobo chuck u r right, i just went outside and i got 65… I am entering my own 100cm class

I’ll go for the 150.

I don’t think I’ve ever landed it, I’ve never measured.

I’ll see how long it is, I’ve I’m sure Ive done it before, I go to the 200

Im in for 200cm

Count me in for 250.

i’m in for 305cm… when is this all due by?

lol, all the 3 catagories are gonna be beaten by today >.<

IM in for 310

I’m in for 200cm

good guys! many people joining = good

ok… all this has to be done in 25 juli!!! please make it until then!!!

okay. thanks for the listings dude.

haha… I burst out laughing when i saw the lowest catagorie lol…

gl with progress killian.

you should make the comp between two sticks, because that’s the only way to really know if you made it or not. Between palets, you can land on the edge and recover (look at rolling high jumpers on palets you get the idea).

anyways can’t do anything by the 25th so i’m not in.

same here… would love to join for the 2,50m though…

awwww… i would love for more people to join… and well if you land on tip of pallet and recover, and dont touch the ground… you have made it… and unibikeling… let him do the lowest, he is getting better anyway, i think it’s good that he even rides a unicycles. He’s 12 years old, and he’s making progress, who cares if he doesn’t jump 150 or 200 cm! GO KILIAN:D

Just set the deadline for a week or 2 after Unicon :wink: (for Unicon competitors)