Long Island Uni Events?

I live on Long Island, and was wondering if there were any Uni events around.

Does anyone know of a unicycle convention or something around the Island?

As of now the only planned event for Long Island is the Long Island MUni ride coming up Thanksgiving weekend. I’m waiting for Steve Yo to let me know the date he will be in town before I post the details.
You can check out justonewheel.com to view photo’s of some of our previous rides and to view YouTube’s and Googles top rated unicycle video. Also, look up “Long Island MUni rides” in the search button for more details about our past rides.

What type of riding do you prefer?

Where on Long Island do you live?


I am a Street Rider in Smithtown. Is there a place over by you in Old Bethpage where I can just ride rather than have a lesson?

Just send me a PM and we can put together a great street ride.

What size wheel do you roll on?


20" Nimbus Street