Long Island Muni Ride New Date 5/7/05

Just One Wheel(Adam and his wife Renie) will be hosting The Long Island(Green Belt) Muni Ride and Brunch. A Muni ride like no other, at least in this part of the country. Riding for all skill levels.
Bagels and beverages will be here for all before and after the riding.
The Green Belt is a state park and is rated very highly for off road riding quality.

Date: 5/7/05
Time: 10:30am

Address: 36 Long Ridge Road
Plainview, N.Y. 11803

Please E-Mail me if you need directions at (cohen@justonewheel.com)

The Green Belt also has a pretty cool dirt BMX track. Not the best but very acceptable.

Bring ALL THE UNI"S you have. We have wide paved streets and they are very HILLY!!!pls rsvp if you are coming…


I may be able to come. My last final is on the 6th…so I’m not really sure.

This sounds great, I’m thinking about joining in. I love bagels.

I’ll let you know.

Thank you.

Anyone looking for great Muni riding this Saturday come on down. The trails are all green and waiting for Muni riders.
There will be video and stills taken for everyone who rides to recieve via e-mail.

We will have BAGELS and DRINKS for all, so please let us know if you are coming.

Anyone who needs directions or any other info please don’t hesitate to ask via e-mail or phone (516)702-9807.

Look for previews shots of trail conditions posted throughout this week.


I’ll start with a shot of Adam and Lucy on the greenbelt.


It sounds like it should be an awesome ride! I’ll be there! Hopefully we can ride over to the BMX track for a little bit, too… I’d love to check that out! Maybe the natural half-pipe, too, if we have time :smiley: !

I can’t make it.

KH is comeing that same day i wana go to both but i think kh wins i think you should change the date aghan

Ah, memories. I wish I could join you guys. Which way are you going to ride from your start point? It goes both ways from there, though back in my day the southern direction was more user-friendly.

I would love to ride that trail someday on a real MUni. I think all I ever used in there was a 24" Miyata (because that’s all I had). My last ride on that trail was probably in 1994. I can’t remember if I made it back there in '98, when I was in town for Greg Milstein’s wedding. I know I had a unicycle on that trip, because I rode it in NYC.

Please say hi to any of the old-timers from the old Long Island Unicyclists!

It turns out that I can’t make it. Sounds like fun, I hope everyone has a great time.

Thank you for planning the event.

From Adam’s house in Plainview, we’ll most likely go south to Washington Ave. All downhill with a nice trail. The natural BMX track is in that direction so we’ll check that out. I know Andrew (HCR) wants to do that. It’s actually a quick ride. Once over Washington it’s all flat so we’ll just turn around and head back north for the heavy stuff.

I’m sure there will be more outings to come for those who can’t make it this time and we’ll post pictures and video after.

Adam and Renie sent me some pictures of the conditions as of this evening.


and 1 more…


I’d love to go, but I have a little problem, I’ve two fractures in my left arm at the shoulder - one may require a pin.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

we have pins!!!how many?

feel better, next time

Just one, if any - you do have titanium, don’t you? I’ll find out later today.

a small piece of the BMX track. It rides along the greenbelt for a good lengh. Its pretty intense.
We will stop to take a peek if the rain is’nt to bad.


Sorry, the picture was left out.


Long Island Muni Ride Pictures

Great day. Sorry no video, Their was a strong threat of rain. Just some good stills. More to follow.
The next ride will have an even bigger group.

The best thing about these rides is it brings out the riders from the past.
After a quick bagel, OJ and coffe we were carbed up and ready to go. Of coures some choose to go empty.

Dave Jones showed up and has not gotten on a unicycle in 20 years. I then found out that he was the former president of the Long Island Unicycle club back in the 80’s.
Time to get Long Island and the surrounding areas riding in large quantities. I have many cool and unique things planned for our rides this summer.

Amos Weinberg pulled up with his 29" Muni’s as well as his Coker.
First dirt ride for Amos(Awsome). Forget the Two Wheeler.

David(D4) from the NY Unicycle Club in manhatten(grants tomb)and his 7 year old daughter rebecca came from Jersey. She only learned a few months ago and was riding thru the trails like a little bird(greate job).

Jeff(shibumi) Came with his 29’er and ripped up the trails. He’s got the Muni thing down well now.

Our next Muni ride will be announced next week. Muni riding for everyone.

Thanks everyone
Just one Wheel Inc


another. She wore a helmet when she rode.

argreenbeltride (1).jpg

another. Amos rockin!

argreenbeltride (2).jpg