Long Island MUni ride and BBQ, July 7th, 2007

Please join us for another action packed day of “Fun On One”, on Long Island’s best Muni trails.
The Long Island Greenbelt trails are top rated among mountain bike riders. There is an enormous amount of different terrain from, flat packed dirt trails to loose gravel, Embedded rocks, roots, stumps, drop off’s (nothing too extreme), great hill climbs (not requiring much if any hiking), down hills and everything in-between.
The terrain can be enjoyed by any type of Uni. This statement has been fully tested. Having a Muni would make things a little more comfortable. Optimal wheel size would be a 24" or larger.

Riding For Beginners to Pro’s
Fun For Everyone

Our rides keep growing.
Riders have come from all over just to ride with very cool people on very cool trails (CT, VA, NJ, PA, NYC, CA, CAN, VT, RI and Long Island). :astonished:

Search old threads for pictures, search Long Island Greenbelt Muni Rides and LI MUni.

Date: Saturday, July 7th 2007
Location: 36 Long Ridge Road (100ft from trail head)
Plainview, N.Y. 11803
Time: 10:00am (till your battery runs dead)
Phone: (516) 702-9807
Contact: Adam or Renie Cohen
E-Mail: cohen (at) justonewheel (dot) com
Requirments: Unicycle and Helmet

This will be a full day of MUni.
Come at 9:30 if you would like to fool around on some trails obsticals. We will head out at 10:00am and ride till our tanks are empty.

We will head back for a BBQ break (dogs, burgers, etc) and then anyone still standing can get back out on the trails and "Rock n Roll.

Please make sure to bring your helmet/pads and some water for while your on the trails (it gets toasty out there in July).

Please e-mail, PM, Phone or post any questions you may have or just let me know you are coming so I can plan the ride accordingly and have food and drink for all.

Please let me know if anyone needs a unicycle to use for the day so I can try to accommodate you.

“Have Fun On One”

Adam and Renie

A few things for us to fool around with before and after our ride :astonished:

I will also have a few other unique features ready by then!


uni training 222 R.jpg

A custom zig zag skinny will be ready for this ride :astonished:

uni training 225 R.jpg

A new toy to add to the MUni rides :astonished:

justonewheel 014.jpg