Long Island Muni Ride Along With The Cannondale Epidemic Tour 4/29/06

Here’s our chance to show the mountain bike community what having fun on “one” is all about.

Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (C.L.I.M.B) will have a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new interpretive mountain bike trail at Stillwell woods in Syosset. This trail is great for the beginner Muni riders as well as the adjacent trail which is a 5.5 mile loop of awesome single track for all levels of riding. The trail features, Switch backs, Root sections, log stacks, log skinnies and more.

If anyone is still attached to mountain biking this is your chance to check out the newest technology. The cannondale demo truck will be at the trail head with oodles of mountain, and other off road bikes for you to try. Just remember to bring your helmet, bike shoes and photo ID in order to demo these bikes.

This mountain bike event will give us Muni riders the opportunity to prove what you can do on two wheels you can do even BETTER on ONE!!

It will be a great day to ride!

[B]Date: April, 29th 2006

Place: Just One Wheel
36 Long Ridge Road
Plainview, NY 11803

Time: 9:00am-9:30am Bagels, Coffee

     9:30   Head over to trail head (5 min ride)

Contact number (516)702-9807 Any questions.[/B]

Last ride we had 3 Coker Muni riders in our group.


im realy gona try to make this one.

looks like me, little Adam, and very possibly by friend will be able to make it to this one, sounds like fun cant wait.

The Weather Is Looking Great!

looks like me, little Adam, and very possibly by friend will be able to make it to this one, sounds like fun cant wait.

Dan, bring your Coker too, last ride there were 3 of us on Cokers.

Little Adam, how’s that Qu-Ax holding up?

Glad you guys will make this one, there will be a very large group of mountain bikers at this Cannondale event.

It’s a great opportunity to show them how much you can do with so little.

Reminder-Everyone please bring your helmets.
Also, if anyone wants to test ride one of the new Cannondale bikes bring your ID’s and bike shoes if you have.

Have Fun,:slight_smile:

I can’t wait. This should be a fantastic ride. The mountain bikers are going to freak when they see us all on unicycles. :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue: At least the ones that haven’t seen us on the past rides.

To top it all off?? The weather is supposed to be amazing!! Yesss

Change in Departure Time

We will be leaving to the trail head between 10:15 and 10:30,

If anyone needs additional details, pls call me at 516-702-9807


I’ll be there. Looking forward to a fantastic day of riding.

besides JustOneWheel, Shibumi, DanLee, FriendOfDanLee, Unicyclepa, and myself (UniPsychler) who else is planning to attend?