Long Island MUni Ride - 3/20/05

Adam, a member of the New York Unicycle Club, has organized a Muni Ride on Long Island.

It will take place on the Greenbelt this Sunday, March 20th.

While I used to ride my dirtbike there as a kid (I grew up on LI right nearby), I never rode my uni there… so it should be really cool! I remember there being a natural half-pipe, which Adam said is still there and he told me there is also a BMX track as well… but I’m not sure if Sunday’s ride will include that stuff.

Anyone who is interested in attending should contact Adam (“JustOneWheel” on the forum) for more details… or contact me if you can’t reach him. It should be a lot of fun!

I received notice today that the LI MUni ride on the Greenbelt has been cancelled due to expected bad weather, but will be rescheduled. I’ll post the new date as soon as I find out when it is…

Highly recommended trail. The island may be (mostly) flat, but that trail had plenty of interesting terrain on it. Sounds like more has been added since the early 90s…

Adam (JustOneWheel), Lucy and I took a ride on the greenbelt this evening and it was great. The conditions were perfect, even though we had some major rain lately. He will be rescheduling another group muni ride soon, for anyone that’s able to make it to long island. One of us will post it on this thread.

Here is a picture of today’s fun. Adam and Lucy hitting a nice hill on the way back. That Coker really flies on these trails (Lucy too), my 28" is left in the dust.