Long island muni photos

more to come
and i have big ones if aneyone wants

which person are you?

this one

Looks like fun! You should call yourselves the KH uni group, you all ride KH’s. Luckys:p

Sounds like fun…where’d did y’all ride?

Hey Adam - I consider you the most hardcore cuz you’re the sum of the others’ ages!:smiley:

Wow, you were so close to where I live in CT… wish I could have ridden with you… but not any where near that level yet… so much to look foward to!

adam is hardcore

Those are great pics, looks like a great time.

And some fine riding, you guys are Awesome.

Was Adam riding a Coker?

Oh, I wasn’t being sarcastic. Adam is the core in hardcore.

This place is too cool. I’d like to go back now that I have some ability to play on all those concrete randomosities.

Gorgeous photos! Who took them?

Where are all those concrete pieces? Looks like a cool play-place.

Great pics in a really gorgeous looking place. Gotta like that Coker Muni. Been thinking about breaking out the 36-incher up in Santa Barbara but haven’t for fear of breaking my neck.


I took the all the photos (my mom took the ones im in) and the trials stuf is near a beach but im not shore witch one

It seems, based on photos of the sh!t you guys huck down, that discretion is the better part of valour.

Could anyone hold the cranks horizontal on a 36er on a drop to steep slab?

Sick pictures dude. Do you mind if i put the ones of me on my web site?

~Taylor W.S.~