Long ISIS cranks with Q factor

Looking for some used cranks greater than or equal to 150mm (preferably greater than) with a lot of Q factor. And isis interface. Something under $50 would be nice also.


P.S. They don’t have to be purple or pink. :wink:

Several months ago I bought QuAx 170mm cranks from UDC. They were on sale, though I can’t remember the price. I just rode with them on my 29" mUni yesterday. Yes, they have a lot of Q. UDC’s inventory is always changing, however. Check with them.

Have you looked at Pinkbike in the trials section? It seems like 160’s are always showing up there in your price range. Trials cranks have a lot of offset.

Thanks! I’ll do some research, but my last pair of Qu’Ax cranks had zero offset. Maybe that was just one model though.

I’ve been keeping my eyes out. Thanks!

Truvativ Hussefelt has alot of Q. I would’ve sent them free for you to try, but when I removed them from the pedal one of the bolt insert came loose and the threading is no longer any good from trying to remove it ( my pedals were more worth salvaging then these cranks! :p)
I tried it only once and decided they werent any fun. Its probably wise to not spend so much on them because you might not like them. Steep up hills was nearly effortless, however, steep declines were terribly wobbly. For me, I’d prefer the 175s with zero Q for muni, but thats the fact that my Oregon already has a large Q factor with the 125mm hub, so your liking maybe different…

But who knows…for the last couple of months Ive been focusing on the 36er and went from 165s to 145s to now being comfortable on the 125s, of which I swore I’d be a longer cranker for life…
Now, Im not sure if I still feel for the 165s on my Oregon. I hope Ill still be able to remember how adjust to riding muni and going terribly snail slow, comparing to the ease of 36er riding, for a few hours huffing and puffing stroke by stroke , up ridiculously steep hills, busting my heart out just for a glorious view of the Bay Area.:wink:

I’m looking for wide Q bc (1) everything thing is a ridiculously long hill climb here in order to get to the fun trails and (2) I’m installing it onto my 24" Conundrum and if they’re too long with no Q factor, they rub up against the legs. I’d probably be good with some 165 KH cranks, but those get pricey and this is just a fun build. I’m not going to be able to ride until summer bc I just had back surgery, so I’m in no hurry.