Long ISIS Cranks (165 - 170mm)

I’ve just ordered a 1400g tire for my 29er and I’ve got a feeling I’m going to want some longer cranks to push it around. Does anyone have some 165’s or 170’s collecting dust? I’ll consider any brand as long as they’re ISIS.

Check these ones out on Pinkbike. They are in Canada, but the price is pretty good. If I was looking for 170’s I’d probably snatch them up.

i have 2010 KH 165/137 moments, id sell em for around 80+ shipping, or i would trade for 150s…

let me know

Jerry, thanks for the link. I’ll probably contact the seller for a shipping estimate.

Cevinmiester, thanks for the offer but that’s more than I’m looking to spend right now. I’m not against dual hole cranks but I don’t want to pay a premium for them.

Ideally someone would have a pair of 165mm Moments sitting around and be willing to let them go for around $50 + shipping. :wink:

I wonder if the Moments are stronger than the Meta’s. The meta’s may be a little lighter as weight is a factor for trials stuff. Like I said if they were a tad shorter I’d be all over them. Hopefully shipping doesn’t kill the deal for you.

I didn’t get the Meta cranks but another member here, timekeeper, is hooking me up with some 170mm Qu-Ax CroMo cranks (which I think previously belonged to Nurse Ben). Thanks!