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I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on long distance riding. The longest I ever rode was a 5k on a 24", on a treadmill, and I know I could have gone further, but I want to try riding like a marathon. It’s not my legs that hurt when I’m done, its my B@!!$ that kill. Is it completely necessary to get a coker, since I’m not racing, I just want to go far? Also, how do I get rid of that B@!! pain?



A Tip:
Make sure you dont sit on your B@!!$ when you mount. Make sure your sitting on your bum.

There are plenty who have ridden further than I have, but I’ve done 20 miles on a 20 inch uni, 50+ on a Coker, and regular rides of between 5 and 20 miles on my Coker, 28 and 24, and once did 20 miles hard (by my standards) cross country on the 26.

On the basis of that experience, I’d suggest:

Adjust the seat correctly for height and angle. Generally, for long rides I’d say have the seat higher than when doing muni, performing, trials etc.

Wear cycle shorts with nothing underneath. If you wear something over the cycle shorts, make sure it’s something loose fitting, with no cut-you-in-half seams.

Take plenty of fluid and calories.

Take rests breaks before you need them. Don’t push yourself to exhaustion, then stop.

Try to keep up a rhythm. Stops every 15 - 20 minutes might be reasonable; stop every 30 - 60 minutes if you’re up to it. Stops every 5 - 10 minutes will just break the rhythm and tire you.

I find that short cranks and a fast cadence seem to reduce seat-induced pain. However, short cranks on a hilly ride will eventually knock the stuffing out of your legs.

Practise, and build up to it. 5 miles is less than an hour on anything but a 20. You can manage an hour… can you manage 1 1/2 hours? Or 2 hours? Don’t set off to do 6 hours until you’ve done at least one 3 hour ride!

Give yourself an objective. Find somewhere to start your ride that’s 2-3 miles from a cafe/tea room. Ride the long way there, and the short way back.

Remember it’s for fun. There will always be someone who’s faster or harder than you. It’s not a competition unless you make it a competition.

I’m holding off going on any long rides until I get my 24" muni finished (hopefully in the next couple of days!) but on my current unicycle I did a 10km ride. That was heaps of fun. My Mum dropped me off at the top of a local mountain on the side of the rode and I rode down the fire trails and a tiny bit of single track for probably about 3km. That bit was really fun because I had a really basic slick footpath-riding tyre on it and I was sliding about 20cm every now and then and then continuing on down the hill. I got to the bottom the just rode aroun the neighbourhood for another 7km or so.

I can’t wait to get into soem real muni on my 24". I’ve got an Alex DX-32 rim and a 3" Gazz waiting for me at the post office which has been closed for Australia Day. Mt. Cootha near my place has heaps of great tracks with some really steep and technical runs and some big drops and even a smal bit of northshore. I can’t wait!!!

I’m planning on getting a Coker in thoe next few years just to cruise around on and do a few all-day trips. I think if you’ve got the money then got for it and get a Coker.

Have fun,

Taking it off topic - asking about riding on a treadmill


Just to pick up on a point from the original post “The longest I ever rode was a 5k on a 24”, on a treadmil".

I’ve never tried riding on a treadmill (never really got the mechanics clear in my head).

Any details would be appreciated.

Phil from Melbourne

Re: Taking it off topic - asking about riding on a treadmill

Uh-oh! :smiley:




Missed that entertaining thread the first time round (argumentative physics seems to be a lot of fun).

I think that I’ll have to attempt to persuade my local gym to let me try (after I sign some waivers) and see just how hard it is.