long distance uni


im planning to do my first really big ride on a uni. Its about 275 miles for charity. But, i have only concentrated on trials and street, so i have no clue about what kind of uni to buy (coker, 29er, i got no clue) so if you have a suggestion on what kind of uni (or anything else about going long distances) please post


275 miles? Coker.

A 29er is more convenient (fits in smaller spaces for storage and transport), but it’s going to be slower.

you might wanna talk to this guy

I would suggest a 36" Coker with short cranks as well as an Air Saddle 'cause that’s a pretty long ride you are plannin to do.

If the ride is pretty flat then the short cranks will help you go faster and the air saddle will help cushion the ride.

You might wanna try talking to George Barnes, he’s developed some pretty cool stuff for distance rides and rode his 36" Coker 500 miles on RAGBRAI.


Good Luck!!!

i dont even like driving 275 miles. I commend you.


Re: long distance uni

Lots of good advice (i.e. buy a Coker) in the posts above, and here’s mine relative to your first sentence: Don’t let your “first really big ride” be 275 miles. You’ll hate yourself if you manage to finish at all. If you’re committed to that event, get yourself a 36 asap and start getting in some serious saddle time. You won’t regret it. You might want to google on the phrase “Norwegian Unicycle Tour” then go to that website. There are links on there outlining the training regimen that those riders did in prep for that tour. That might be a bit over the top for your purposes, but the principles are good. Get in some long rides, vary the lengths and terrain and riding conditions. Ride in the rain. Gradually increase your time between dismounts. Etc.

Training training training. Those 3 things will make difference between having a horrible epic and a great adventure. See www.unitours.org for info on our 600 mile Norway tour last summer as well as others. My training for that ride consisted of 1000 miles in the 11 weeks before the tour. The tough part is riding day after day after day.


That’s a hell of a distance.

I’ve done a fair number of 20 and 30 mile rides and occasionally more, on a wide range of wheel sizes.

There is no doubt that the Coker is the best machine for distance. A 28/29 with shorter cranks can be made to go as fast as a Coker, but not as easily, and it’s not sustainable for long distances.

On the Coker, better to have the cranks at a comfortable length, rather than shortening them too much for speed. As you get tired, the extra work needed to control a Coker with shorter cranks becomes a burden.

And yes, train train train, with clear and measureable goals.

If I had to do 275 miles over a number of consecutive days, I’d pitch it at about 50 miles a day, maybe a little bit more, depending on the terrain.

I doubt I will ever do it though…

Good luck with the project.