Long Course Championship

Any race reports from the Long Course Championship last weekend? I found this picture on mtbr.com:

Sorry for the repeat thread. Not sure how that happened.

Two threads and no picture attached. What picture?

Here’s a picture Nathan took of the race results (MUni category at least). Once there, enjoy the rest of his shots from that day. I love the shot of the sushi feast afterward! :slight_smile:

It’s the longest dirt race I’ve ever done, and the most grueling unicycle race I’ve ever done. But somehow, I wasn’t sore the next day, just tired! As always, my pictures will be along in a while. Quite out of character for myself, I did not bring a camera in the race…

Beau’s my hero. When I grow down, I want to be just like him.


Sorry–the pic showed up for me, but apparently you have to be a logged-in mtbr.com member to see them. Here’s the thread on mtbr:

the race was a total blast! i had a great time. I had some trouble with my leg cramping on the last lap, and both Beau and I crashed numerous times (we were riding totally crazy fast; of course, beau was still much faster than me).


In the picture above: John, Corbin (me), Beau, Willy and Nathan.

Beau and I passed a handful of bikers (note: we started last). I was passed (ie: lapped) by two bikers.



it looks for a heavy race. How long was it in km or miles?
If I see it right Beau need 1h8min for one round.

The distance reported was 12.4 miles per lap, but there were some small course mods at the last minute that may have made a small change, but the laps were at least 12.2 miles each, or more. With about 1700 feet of climb per lap.