Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour

Just wondering if anyone in the Southern California area is planning on riding in the 2014 Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour this year. (http://www.runlongbeach.com/bike-tour/)
(I think Terry Peterson has done it in the past.)
Scheduled for October 12th, 20 miles in length. I think I would like to ride it, it would be fun to get a group together to do it. (At least we could start together. With the different skill/strength levels, we probably wouldn’t end together.)
Cheers, LanceB

Yeah I’ve done it a few times, and it’s always fun. Looks like they’ve changed the route and the distance; when I did the bike LB tour it was the full 26.2 mile marathon length. Too bad they decided to cut 6 miles off the route, and why I don’t know.

I would love to do it. I have been riding for six months and religiously reading the forum. I am looking forward to meeting some more experienced riders. Yeah, maybe I’ll see you at the starting line with my 26"…and after that I will be eating your dust. I’ve been riding every day for at least an hour…I can practice some longer distance rides in preparation for the 20 mile event. My wife will kill me when I come home from the Long Beach ride wanting to buy a 36".

Wow, 20 miles on a 26r would be a challenge, for sure. Maybe if you got a pair of really short cranks, like 110s, or something like that, it would help.
(I think Ken Looi did a really long race recently on a standard track racer. (24") He was suffering afterwards, but proved long distances could be done on small wheels.) (OK, I looked it up – here: 100miles on an IUF standard 24" racer: Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2013 – it was 100 miles!)
Cool! Maybe there will be a few of us there!
(The only thing that gives me pause is starting out in the dark. I hate riding in the dark! Yeah, I know, some people really like it, but it kind of gives me the willies. Kind of like swimming in the dark in the ocean, I guess. I guess I’ll practice it between now and October and get used to it.)

I just read the blog post of the guy who rode a 24" race unicycle 160Km…OUCH!

I thought I dealt with the issue of chafing once I started wearing bicycle shorts; I guess going long distance is a whole new ball game, so to speak.

Time to get some shorter cranks!

Hey Lance, I will see if I can make it and will include it in the next One Love Unicycle Club newsletter to see if we can get others in the LA and OC area.

Hey, that would be great! It would be fantastic if unicycles had a “big presence” at the event!

I’m in.

I’m in.