long 27.2mm posts?

Hey guys. I have been dabbling with trying some freestyle moves on my trials. I have an uncut KH post on there right now and feel like I could use a bit more height at the highest setting for practicing those moves.

So is there a 27.2mm seatpost out there longer than 350mm? 400 would do.
Or would I have to get a longneck frame, which seems like a pretty overkill solution to the post being a tad short.



http://bikethomson.com/products/seatposts/elite/ Great post that, but costly. You can attach a KH Adjustable top plate to the top of the post, so you don’t need to use an adapter!

If you can’t find a 27.2mm post in the length you want you could shim a 25.4mm post (not the ideal solution but probably cheaper).

Thanks but I am trying to avoid adaptors, either at the seat or seatpost/frame interface.

Anybody know the length of the pitfighter posts? Qu-Ax? any other ones I should look for?


try all (koxx-one) sell also a model long of 400mm. It’s not the renforced one and also not the pit fighter… (the nimbus is cheaper and it’s also good stuff)

Thanks. I don’t know why the US or Canadian UDC don’t list the Nimbus 27.2x400 post. I think that is what I will get if I can find one.

The only seatposts I have broken were cheep 22.2mm posts so I am not overly worried about strength.

Just ride it a little bit over the limit, I dont think you could break it with some freestyle moves. But the only seatpost I know that comes in 27.2mm and 400mm is the Nimbus 27.2, I think the Try-all light ones are 350 but it might be 400mm.

Does this actually work ? I keep breaking seatposts and i need a thompson.If it really works im wondering if ill just break the top plate instead

Yes, Tony Melton has done it. Lightweight customised KH24

I’m pretty sure he has a Scott Wallis seatbase because he has the Death Grip CF Handle. But I think somone did it, I’m pretty sure someone did.

EDIT: He might be using the SW seatbase but he said farther in the other thread that it works really well.

Tony is not using a Scott Wallis seatbase, I have seen it.