lonely unicyclist and diabolist lookin for sum people 2 chat wiht...

hello i’m from the UK and i’ve bin unicycling 4 bout 4 months (i still can’t get the hang of idleing!) i’ve just got free monting tho
anyone hwo won’ts to chat bout unicyling, juggling, diaboling?


Roughly where are you. There is probably a club nearby that you go along to.

roughly in the southwest

southwest of cornwall

Where in the UK? There should be a juggling club you can get to…

Re: roughly in the southwest

<dribbles at MUni opportunities of Cornwall!>


Re: Re: roughly in the southwest

i can see it now,“The Magical, Mystical, Merlin Muni-Tour”

uni to southampton airport and get on the next flight to Jersey, and you can come and see me…lol