Lone unicyclist from Murwillumbah, Australia

I live in a small city called Murwillumbah not too far from the eastern most point of Australia. There isn’t a unicycling scene here at all as far I can see. I have been getting attention though, particularly from children. Some of the them get very excited when they first see me.

I took up unicycling about six months ago when I bought a no brand one for $10 in a garage sale. Despite a discouraging start I was determined to learn and recall persevering for hours on my front lawn in the rain on a summer night in January. You could say I got hooked pretty quickly.

Once I managed the ten metres across the lawn I moved onto the footpath and worked up to fifty meters there.

It had already become clear the uni was way too small for me and after searching onine for a while I bought a QU-AX 20 inch. This immediately improved my riding and I ventured onto the road. I wore out the original tyre in a couple of weeks and changed it to a Maxxis Hookworm which looks like it could last relatively indefinitely.

Cruising on bikeways and quiet suburban streets is my thing for now.

This week I started on a 24 inch Torker which I fitted with a Maxxis DTH tyre. Loving it. Faster, lighter, safer and more responsive than my 20 inch once I changed the tyre. The difference from the Kenda is incredible. Halving the weight of the tyre really makes an enormous difference.

I am using the seat from my QU-AX for now but a Nimbus seat is in the mail from one of your members who also pointed me to this forum.

I look forward to learning from your experiences.

Outside of the capital cities, there isn’t many unicyclists. I’m from the Newcastle area in NSW, and even though its got a population of about 500 000 there’s still no unicycle clubs. Its sort of annoying I wouldn’t mind trying unicycle hockey

Have you considered starting a uni club yourself?
Often people just need a push to get them interested, especially kids.
You don’t need to be an expert yourself, as these things tend to gain a momentum of their own. :slight_smile:

someone saw my post and contacted me about their group, which is awesome :slight_smile:


My names aaron. I live gold coast not too far away… and am yet to ride with anyone and have been riding for a year now, do mainly trials on a kris holm 19" and also do touring on my 29er and also just got a 36er, am keen for a ride with someone else as i lack motivation some weeks as im a real lone rider, the amount of people who laugh and say why dont u join the circus blah blah blah, but i still do it because its fun and keeps me fit.

Be good to hear from another rider.


Also OneTrackMind if you think the 24 is fun for crusing try a 29 or 36 those things fly, i will never go back to 24 or 26 but still love my 19" kris holm its unreal for trials, and a bit of off road.


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