Londoners: help!


This doesn’t fall under the auspices of the newsgroup, but this group has the
largest contingency of Brits of the ones I read … anyway, I need help getting
an address. Some friends moved a couple years ago, and wrote to tell us of the
move but didn’t give us their new address. As it’s Christmas card time, I was
wondering if someone could look up their address and email it to me. The name:
Carl and Suzy Heap. They used to live in Finsbury Park, but moved somewhere in
the Crouch Hill area. Carl might be known to some of you–he’s a
juggler/stiltwalker who used (and perhaps still does) perform with a group
called the Medieval Players. My wife lived with the Heaps while on an exchange
program back in 1986, and we’d like to get back in touch with them.

Thanks in advance,


PS–any cricketers out there that could confirm cricket bat prices? Here in the
US, the cheapest bat I can find is $125. I seem to remember them as costing in
the gbp30-50 range. Am I crazy?

''''''''''''''''''’ Peter
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