London Unicyclist


I hope you guys don’t mind me posting this here.

I’m currently doing some research for a short-film and I’m trying to track down an inner-city unicyclist, preferably a teenager for a shoot at the end of the month.

The inspiration came from the Vice Article found in this thread Hackney Unicyclists but the article has since been taken down.

I’ve tried to contact a Hacnkey Freewheelers and attempted to visit a class earlier in the week at Urswick School. I’m unsure if this is even still a thing as I found the details on a dated website.

If you know anybody in London who you think would like to get involved please e-mail me at Or if you could recommend a local park where I could find someone that’d be great.

Thanks very much,


If you’re looking for street or flat riders, you might try Urban Unicycle Chat on facebook.

Great suggestion, Superbant. Thank you very much.

These guys may have what you’re looking for:


Cheers, thanks very much.