London Unicyclist Club!!!

Hey everyone, after talking to a few people, and meeting a few new riders, I’ve started up the latest unicycling club!

The London Unicycling Club

At the outset, we have 5 members (including the marketing/accounting agent, Mrs. Sofa, soon to be a one wheeler herself)

We have to work out some details, but I’ve gotten gym space arranged at Fanshawe college, with the DJ who will even be talking to me about it on the colege radio!

All this started today after an email from Chris Taylor of the Edmonton Unicyclists…thanks Chris!.

So here’s a request…from Unicycle club managers, Canadians, especially… Please email me (or post here, perhaps others are interested) any details…like for a non-profit organization…do you need a business liscence? do you claim the money you make if it’s all staying in the club, yadda yadda yadda. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

London Unicycling Club…it takes dedication, practice, and a little LUC! (how’s that motto?)

Brian MacKenzie
Founder: London Unicycling Club (I can’t stop saying that)

Our website (this is only to get it out at the last minute, and setup a contact number…it will be vastly improved on) is: (a million thanks, Gilby)

Well done, I’m sure that’ll be heaps of fun. I’d love to have some sort of a unicycle club here in Brisbane. Actually there sort of is, but it’s not a club. Anyway, congratulations.