London Uni-Basketball teams?


I’m a keen unicycle hockey player (with the LUNIs), but I’d like to have a go at unicycle basketball too. Are there any established London uni-basketball teams?

I’ve had a look on the net, but no joy.


There are no teams at all in the uk. We usually put a UK team together for unicon (and get heavily beaten). Hopefully there will be some games at BUC.

An idea would be to have a few friendly games at hockey tournaments this year. Although there often isnt a great deal of spare time and personally i’d probably just want to play more hockey!

The penguins have mentioned doing some practice sometime. If you travel over for practice one sunday i promise we’ll play some basketball.:slight_smile:


just keep trying and trying looking for a team for you,good luck…if want to know more about teams try to visit this site and it very helpful…thanks…

team building