London UK: Stolen KH 29

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I had my KH 29 stolen last night in South London. If people could keep their eyes peeled and if they see anything on ebay (or a crackhead pushing a KH29 around South London) I would be very greatful for the info. Post replies on this thread. It’s not been modified; the pedals were on the 125 setting and the other pedal threads are blocked with black foam but otherwise it’s like any other KH 29 with the dual-drilled cranks.
I’m sure it’s not the only one around in London… so if someone does happen to see one politely ask the ‘owner’ to ride it and justice will be done. By the pavement. To their face :slight_smile:

Thankyou people!!

That suck hard! :angry: I would be pissed. I can’t really help out though. Good luck finding it.

Really sorry to hear that.

Where in South London did it disappear?
Was it locked outside?

I had a similar situation and luckily it was found (in Esher, an opportunist theft rather than a pre-meditated one) so you could be lucky.

well i’ll try lookout for a kh29 with dual drilled moments - there can’t be that many of them in the uk anyways. I would guess it’ll probably prop up on ebay or similar site…

Mike - it was in Grove Park, between Lewisham and Bromley I guess. It was down the side of the house behind a locked cast iron gate that you can’t get around, and I always kept it hidden behing a load of old boxes. Looks like they lifted the whole thing off its hinges though. I guess it wasn’t the most secure place but I just don’t have room inside for it. Bleugh.

Thanks for the offer to look out on ebay for it… that’s what I was hoping would happen and I could go for cash on collection with a policeman.

Thanks for offers of help guys!

That’s a bummer!
Wouldn’t expect anyone to steal a unicycle, but it seems to happen sometimes. Luckily I have just enough space in my one room apartment to have my unicycles inside. Whenever I take a uni somewhere where it has to stay outside I always lock it. I am still a little concerned about groups of vandalizing kids to kick my wheel crooked or something like that, they seem to like to do that to bikes here in the Netherlands :astonished: . So far it hasn’t happened to me, thank God.

Good luck getting a hold of your KH29!

That sucks! I’ll keep my ear to the ground (not my normal style of riding, but I’ll give it a go), in case I hear anything.

It might be worth checking out some of the local porn shops. Or pawn shops. up to you. But the chances are that they want to get rid for some quick cash, so that’s the most likely place.


You could tell the local papers and tv companies, they might be interested in a more unusual crime story and the publicity might help you find it or get it back.


Thats rubbish, Matt!
Hmm, might want to try your local cash converters/cash generator too. I have spent a few minutes typing every imaginable combination of uni/mono/cycle/bike into ebay (It is very unlikely that thieving scum will know the proper name) , no luck though :frowning:


It might be worth checking out some of the local porn shops. Or pawn shops. up to you. /QUOTE]

The first type will have the ability to make you forget your loss… very usefull in cases like this.

I just went on a little ebay hunt but found nothing. I’d expect it to take a few days if it’s gonna prop up on there.

Aw thanks for all the help… I’m still looking. The police just aren’t interested…I’m sure they moved the bin and there’d be finger prints (gone by now I’m sure) but I guess small crimes like this don’t matter to them. Grrrr.

Tell them you know who it is and you are going round to get your unicycle back with a gun, then they will be interested.

Ha funny you shoud say that… apparently it worked for a guy recently who had a burglar locked in his garage. The police didn’t come for ages so he called them up and told them he’d shot him. That got 'em out :slight_smile: