London (UK) beginner seeks uni club


Can’t believe I have just bought a unicycle! Well, I should own up. It’s a few weeks old now and still remains unmastered, but I must learn!

I have been trying, oh yes, and with some improvement. But perhaps not as frequently as I should thought I’ve probably not been at it for more than a few hours … So is there a club in London which regularly meets which can help L-platers like me?? I think it would encourage me to get going and no doubt there’d be a few tips for me along the way!


try they have some clubs on that page one or two london ones i think.

had a look and mailed the London club in Croydon. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately he hasn’t yet got back to me and the web page stipulated is defunct so I think this one might be a no-goer. Has anyone been to the Croydon Circus Skills club in recent weeks or months?

Does anyone go to a more advanced uni club perhaps? How did you lot all learn - on your own??? Looks like I might have to do it the hard way :astonished:

i hate to be the one to break it to u…
i think the hard way is the only way

it takes more practise than u can now understand and as soon as u’ve mastered it, u forget all about the practising
untill u want to learn how to idle…

i learnt from charlie dancey’s k ‘how to ride your unicycle’

the ‘search’ function on this forum will lead u to reams of tips and pointers as u start the journey

tell us about osme of the sites u see

i got that book with my uni on my b-day but it does not help much with more advanced things it just tells you about them :frowning: .but to help learn it is great!!

There’s lunis unicycle hockey

We meet up most Thursdays in School term time. It’s probably best to be able to ride in a straight line for a little bit, but you don’t need to know anything else to start playing hockey.

If you pop along to a lunis meet it’s a good place to get some tips on basic how to ride.

Also, if Walworth means like Elephant & Castle way, you might want to grab the tube to Clapham South this Sunday and go to poi in the park which is on Clapham Common near the bandstand where everyone is swinging poi. I should be there from something like 5ish, possibly with a unicycle if I have a seat by then, but definately with unicycling ability.