London to Brighton route suggestions

Hi everyone, in June I’m going to unicycling from London to Brighton to raise money for the Rainforest Alliance. I’m currently trying to research routes and was wondering if any of you have done this before (or know someone who has) and could help me out with route suggestions or other tips? Also, do you think I’d have to sort anything out logistically (ie tell the authorities in the area) or anything? I don’t really know what I’m doing on this one so any help would be massively appreciated…also if anyone would like to donate to support me, I have a gofundme page here:

There you go …
Have a read of this.

It is a really nice unicycle ride. One warning though… Don’t advertise to the organisers that you are intending to do it on a unicycle. The organisers threatened to remove us from the course should we turn up on unicycles… They made lots of excuses starting with they did not believe we could do it and the about us being a danger and would not be covered by their insurance etc.
So a group of us did it the week after the published event.

You could try deviate through The Netherlands. It will add ‘some’ kilometres, a nice scenery and you will possibly raise more money :slight_smile:

Thanks!! New to this site so still figuring out how to navigate…didn’t realise there was already a thread :stuck_out_tongue:

rogeratunicycledotcom a few others have said the same thing, so I think I’m gonna aim to do it around the 22nd instead - thanks :slight_smile:

That’s a bit rubbish :frowning: All the charity sportif events put on up North seem to love it when I rock up on mine. Is the London to Brighton not just on public roads? Surely you could just act like you just happen to be riding on the same road as them?

Yes, it is on public roads with just the start and finish being on closed roads. It was there that they threatened to removed us. I can say it was definitely a threat, they were not about it at all. Big thumbs down for the organisers at that time, although that does not mean the ones at this time wont accept or even welcome unicyclists.

If you are not looking to follow the ‘official’ route and are going it alone, you may want to incorporate the Downs Link Way (link below), which is largely traffic free converted railway line and can be linked up with Thames tow paths through the Richmond area.

Part of this is used for the London to Brighton offroad bike sponsored ride, which runs every September. The later parts of the offroad route once you reach the South Downs are more challenging and you may want to finish the last section on road if that’s not your thing, but the Downs Link is gentle gravel type surfaces and fairly easy going.

That’s terrible! All the ones from/around Manc have been nothing but welcoming to me, and even sometimes have set me up at the start with a group of people who were going to start off a bit more spread out to give me space.

Just noticed this thread: Refused Entry on the BHF London to Brighton Looks like you’re not the first either! And you commented my exact thoughts already regarding other events by the same organizers allowing unis without any trouble. It also seems to have been a LONG time ago so maybe they’ve changed their tune by now!

thanks so much!! Just looked this up and it looks absolutely perfect :slight_smile: Also has lead me to a couple of other nice cycle routes that I wasn’t aware of before.