London Rides (Mini)- anytime 28 Oct-1st Nov.

Hey, here’s the deal:

It’s not a big London trials ride like I organised a while ago. Since me and Joe usually go to London a lot of weekends as it’s only a 25min train ride for us, and he’s back in England on the 28th Sunday plus I’ve been out with a nasty ankle injury (torn ligaments) since mid-Summer… we’ve been dying to have another London ride (we haven’t ridden in London since perhaps February?!)

But yeah, it’s just an invitation to anyone who’s up for joining us for one of our usual small London rides.

The next big London ride’ll be soon, perhaps in Xmas hols.

See you there,


Well, I’ll be in London with time to spare from the Monday to Thursday that week, although I wouldn’t consider myself a trials rider. But I’d be up for tagging along if there’s others there.

However… on Wednesday nights there is hockey in Hackney, so if you or Joe fancy a bit of that (or even just turning up to show off to some of the younger players), then let me know and I can fill you in on the details.