"LONDON RIDERS" lets get together

im going to london on the 29th of september, and im looking for london riders who`ll join me on a ride.
i have talked to mike swarbrick allready, but some more riders would have been cool.
so, im up for riding, and that you guys are showing me good spots around london.
riders from outside london is of course welcome!

anyone interested?
i can ride on the 30, 1 and 2 of september/october.

sounds like a good idea

might be interested, i’ll have to see - would be cool though

anyone else?

maybe, depends on the day and whether or not I can get transport.

is this just gona be like a fun ride or something? - My skills arn’t that great :o

of course, im just trying to get alot of people together, so we can have a good time :wink:

oh sweet, hope I can make this one :slight_smile:


I might be in london in novemeber decemeber (so if it becomes a regulor thing or happens again or anyone wants to meet up with me in the united kingdom or ireland with in the cold months its possiable ( I may end up waiting till summer and going for unicon (yet i could stay until unicon) but most likely I’ll have my 1st white xmas (never felt or taste3d snow before) so the novelty is still there… and you guys look like a cool bunch to be haning with :wink:

Simon wells

Sorry I can’t make it, I’ve got work that day and the day after I move to my university accommodation.

too bad you cant make it.
hope as many as possible can make it,

not much respons on here.
come on you british riders.

Hey, Mike S just MSN’d me about it.

I don’t think we’ll be able to go, my school days are awkward as hell. Even on that Sunday I doubt it. :(. Steve appears to have stopped riding, we haven’t heard from him in ages. Joe’s always busy, he’s got work on the weekdays and sundays are quite hectic for him too. I haven’t ridden London in ages myself. First I need my ankle to get better before i even think of trying to get into this ride :o

i’ll see how things roll out

cheers :stuck_out_tongue: What if i’m real busy? i mean i have so much schoolwork! No i’m definately up for the weekend, plus i need an excuse to crash at my sister’s new flat :slight_smile:

Still bugging parents, looking hopful :slight_smile:

sorry im gona play the hockey tournament in southampton and i cant get work off for the sunday so looks like i wont be able to make it

ah that sucks, could have caught a train from southampton together or sommit.

4 to my count

crap, bad news folks.
i was wrong about my arrival time. im not in london before like 5 oclock.
i dont know if you guys want do ride in the night on the 30th?
or if you want do ride one of the other days?

my bad…:o

got work on monday and hockey tournament on saturday, so i’ll have to give it a miss. Sorry.