London riders - I need some company

I’m going to be in London this weekend and it looks like I might have some time to kill on Saturday. I was meant to be going to a music thingy but the tickets sold out by the time I went to get one which has left me with a bit of time to fill between about 1200 and 1700.

Anyone fancy a bit of riding?

Well, I was just about to say yes, then realised that I’m going to be riding in Sleepless on Saturday. Ummm… because you dropped out because you had a music thingy to go to… :smiley:

Any other weekend, give me a shout though.


Leo and I are only 1/2hours train journey away! :slight_smile:
I can’t afford to get down to London though, too much money pumped into the car this month! :frowning: You are more than welcome to come ride with us if you feel the need though!

Rock on!

Hoh yus.

Good luck with that!

The original thing I pulled out of Sleepless to do went tits up so I decide to go to London to this music thingy that my girlfriend had tickets for… Bought a train ticket to London then tried to get a ticket or the festival but they’re sold out hence I have a day to fill in London.

Sometimes life just conspires against you.

Get a train from London (dunno which station) to Three Bridges, taxi from Three Bridges station to The Hawth (it’s not far), then spend the day at the Crawley convention.

I’ll send Antoine an email, see if he’s around. I’d come down from Cambridge, but I’m in Macc this weekend.



hehe was your music thing field day? I’m planning to get there as well and gatecrash it or get tickets from scalper. I really want to go but haven’t been clever enough to buy ticket in time. Unicyling is a nice alternative keep me inform
antoine.fafard at gmail

Ahhh lack of money…well thats a lie wont have a lack of money next thursday im only 20-30 mins away by train but im working =[

Yeah, Field Day.

How much do you reckon the scalpers will be charging?


The ticket was 22£… I reckon we can find some random dude that will see it for face value if we are early enough. otherwise maximum 30£ for scalper, I wouldn’t pay more than that. This is a festival!

I’m in manchester monday, tuesday, anyone riding or playing hockey?