London rider this week end (1st and 2nd of september)


I’m french I were lose in the countryside for a studing training during 4months. That mean that my unicycle start to have some rust and I need some exercice. I’m spending a week in London before I go home.

I’m looking for riders and spot for this week end. I like street.

I heard that’s there is some hockey player in London. I’m really interrested to try.


Unicycle: qu-axe street (which should be retired since many time but money is money)
Rider: not a profesional but enjoy to ride.

yay it worked :slight_smile:


I hope to find more motivated persons before tomorrow. I’m sure everybody need exercice :wink:

There are two hockey teams in London, Hackney and Lunis. Lunis play in Shepherds Bush on Thursday nights, you will be welcome to come and try if you are still around then, there is usually a spare stick or two.
Lunis information page including a map of the location is
Playing time is 7:30 until 9 at the moment.

I don’t know when Hackney play and don’t have any contact details for them, someone else from here might though.

Thanks for the hockey invitation, I take it seriously :o)

Just a question, I’ve got a normal black wheel and metallic pedals is that a problem for inside use?

I’m thinking if you have suffisent person for a hockey team don’t you have people motivate for a street session this week end?

Thanks a lot.

Hy thejdw !

 Do you have a spot that's you use to go in center of London?

I need a easy place to meet you and all people interrested because I don’t know well London and I’ve got no mobile phone.

For exemple in front of tube station which don’t have ten entrance, middle of the tower bridge…

Keep in touch

The london eye! nobody can miss it lol, I’m gona see if I can go. Staying hopeful :slight_smile:

Lol the London what :sunglasses: ?

After a quick google search I know what is the London eye, I also fill ashamed. It’s a quiet good place with many people but no car permitted.

If you can come tomorrow or sunday put a hours here I will look later. Anyway tomorrow I will have some unicycling fun in London

remark: middle or start or afternoon is good (the moring their is no way :astonished: !)

The Hackney Hokey Cokeys meet at Paragon School, here;

on Wednesdays from around 6.30 - 7.30

Martin Izat is the main contact - PM me for his phone number if you need it.

Both the Lunis and the Hackney lot play outside, but the Lunis will enforce the ‘plastic pedal’ rule more than Hackney.


I hope to see people tomorrow.

I’m interresting also for testing the second club of hockey (I can post a thread to says who’s cool and who’s not ;-), If I can do some hockey tuesday and wednesday that’s will be great.

I’m looking for info tomorrow morning


I go to bed!
Sorry to flood your forum but I’ve no really other way… At least it’s just a topic ;o)

keep in touch thejdw for today I probably don’t read my mail before 1pm
keep in touch domesticated ape for tuesday
keep in touch semac the monkey for wednesday

lol I’ll maybe meet an ape and a monkey is the hockey a anthropologic game? Are you playing with stone puck? héhé

Sorry I start to be tired and my joke start to be…

sorry mate I don’t think I can make this :(. Hope it goes well for you though