London Ontario: Midweek Unicycle Weekend, Aug 23ish

Evil Nick will be in London Ontario from Aug 21 - 26 2006.

To celebrate this occasion, I will be scheduling two days of cool riding, for anyone interested in coming out.

Day 1: 25km MUni ride
Terrain: hardpack, some technical, biggest challenge is saddletime
estimated time: 2 hours

Day 2: 29/36 ride, roughly 35km
Terrain: scenic route along river on paved path
estimated time: 2 hours

If anyone wants to come to london for this, I have one extra bed, and floorspace for 5 or so. (I’m sure London area riders can put up all interested people)

A sneak peek of Inner Balance will be shown that night. (not an official premiere of course, as editing is nowhere near complete)

if you can only come for one day’s ride, that’s cool too.

if you can come, let me know your availability that week, we will use this thread for all info.

there can also be a trials/street ride running at the same time as the bigwheel ride if there is enough interest…

If I can hook a ride up with someone else going there, then I would be interested in just about anything. My body is best built for big wheeling right now but its been so long since I have done a street ride.

I could actualy loan a big wheel to whoever is driving me if they are interested.

You cannot have a weekend during the week. A weekend is Saturday and Sunday:)

2 consecutive days off from work constitutes a weekend to me :wink:

Rats…Cant come…I dont have a big wheel nor am i eyt ready to tackle a 25km straight Muni ride:( oh well. Ill get some group rides in eventually.