london meets?

is there anyone on here from london england?

and are there any meet ups any where around here? if not, anyone fancy coming along to one?

We (Lunis) play hockey on Thursday evenings at the Westway Sports Centre. Details are available at, we meet virtually every Thursday either at 8 or 9pm. The time normally gets confirmed on the Tuesday.

There are other informal meets in London from time to time, normally arranged/announced on this forum.


london wheres that?

There was a trials meet a couple of weekends ago in central london, organised by Spongeand friends, and there was talk of another or possibly a muni ride in oxshott soon. Search for the thread about it.

Maybe there are some unicyclists in the student societies of the various colleges? When I was at Imperial College there were some unicycling beginners in the juggling societiy. I am pretty sure that most of them have no idea about “organised” unicyclists or this forum but would be quite happy to meet some other riders. You can usually contact the societies via the college union homepage, e.g. .