London Meet 2009

I came across a video and this thread whilst doing a bit of surfing. I’m new to London and haven’t met up with anyone yet.
I was thinking it’d be good to have a meetup to meet some new unicyclers.

Anyone got any ideas? Or if there’s already something going on.

Would it just be for Municyclers? I only unicycle for recreational purposes (I am a beginner).

if there comes a meeting, and I can go to londen:)
I’ll be there :roll_eyes:

Hi mate,

We had a small meet there more recently. The vid from that one is
Im sure if you set a date and post it up on the forums you will get a meet going. Normally if you give quite a bit of notice there is a pretty good turnout.


there was one last year organised by Edd, I haven’t heard of any more yet though. If there is one in the summer I will be begging my parents again lol. :smiley:

I hope I can go if there is, Colchester is boring lol.

Yeah it’d be cool if we could have a meet. It’d be for anyone who wanted to meet. I would imagine there would be all sorts of riding going on and everyone’s welcome.

I’ll have a think of some dates when a meet might be good. Any suggestions from others are welcome.

I think the summer holiday time would be best, between july and september really. I don’t know when I leave school this year, some time after my exams in may I think. Possibly early june, not sure.

Either way the summer hols sometime would be best I think, for the weather and so I dont have any school work at all :smiley:

Summer sounds good, but I think we need something sooner as well! There’s no reason we can’t have meet ups every couple of months if enough people are interested.

Anyone know of any decent spots in London?

Joe Hodges has arranged a London Trials meet - all the info is on facebook: Sunday 1st March at the south bank (round the back of the Shell Centre, on the street behind the London Eye).

The South Bank is a great area: lots of spots along the river, the main one being the skate area between the Royal Festival Hall and Waterloo bridge.

Dammit! Thats the same date as BMW :frowning:

Oh, dam I’ll be at school then :angry: well not Sunday but Monday I will be so theres no chance of being there.

You could get the train in and back. It wouldn’t cost too much, especially at child fare prices. Or is it more that your parents won’t let you?