London Freewheel - Sunday 23rd September

I know this was mentioned in passing in another thread a few weeks ago, but thought it deserved it’s own thread.

This coming Sunday, the center of London is being completely closed to motorised vehicles, and opened up for bicycles.

I’m going to be unicycling along side my girlfriend (on her bike), but think it would be great to meet up with some fellow one-wheelers.

So, if you’re up for it, PM me and we can arrange when and where to meet.


I wish i had a large sticker with ‘uni’ written on it so I could slap it over the ‘bi’ on all those dam signs

I’m tempted, apparently 36,000 ppl have registered so far (according to a bloke in the barbers). We shall see, no idea how I would get there avec coker.

I wish I could make it by bike or unicycle. I’m gutted that I’m going to be working this weekend. I miss out on all the fun :frowning: