London Freewheel 2008

Hi all,

The London Freewheel this year is taking place on September 21st. The centre of London will be closed to cars and everyone will be cycling around the famous landmarks of the city. The website quotes there having been 38,000 b*kes last year. Lets try and put in a unicycle showing.

I’d really like to be there, assuming I can sort out my house moving dates suitably. I think it’d be cool to get a load of uni riders together in a group. Anyone interested?


Was very crowded last year I hear, I know people I knew who went there with bikes said it was less a bike ride than a hang about with bikes, and too crowded to hang around in a bunch. Maybe this year they will work out a longer course - they only closed something like 4 miles of road for >30,000 people.

I have a feeling Spencer went last year - he might have more of an idea.

I can’t make it personally - I’ll be doing some muni riding along with a few other people.


Yeah, I was there on my unicycle last year, and I met 2 or 3 other riders. But, to be honest, it was very very crowded, and for people like myself that can’t idle very well, it makes things a bit less fun. The roads in to the center from the outlying meeting points weren’t closed, and were busy in places, but the very center of town was just a bit too busy.

If it’s not too much out of your way to go, then I’d still suggest going. As long as the weather is ok, it’ll be a great day out.


I suppose I could always go on my b*ke :slight_smile:

I think if I take me 29er muni or my 20" then I’ll be able to idle quite efficiently. I don’t want to sit idling for hours at a time though, so if the traffic is mostly stationary I guess I’ll just have to get off!

It’d be nice to get together if any other uni riders are going to be there. I suggest anyone who’s going to be there posts in this thread and then we can consider how to meet up.