Lollipop Mod. 24" 26" Has anyone ever....?

I would like to know if anyone has ever moved thier 24" Lollipop frame up to the second set of holes to fit a 26" inch rim and tire. Has anyone used any special extentions to do this.
I have a 24" lollipop that I use only to ride to work and to the store and I find it a little slow, so I was thinking of lacing a 26" rim to the hub and extending my frame to fit the tire.
First question, am I the only one this stupid, or has someone done this?
Second question, will I notice that big a difference in the speed between the 24" and 26".

I’d say that was a bit dodgy. Lollipop bearings aren’t very strong at the best of times. My old 24" frame a quite a bit of clearance and a 700c just fitted with the bearings fully in. How much space have you got?

You’d be a lot better off switching to shorter cranks on the 24" for speed. The speed difference with a 26" wheel isn’t very large.

Shorter or longer? I was looking to increase my speed and distance traveled without increasing my crank strokes.

Shorter. It’ll make it faster and easier to go long distances. It’s a bit harder to control and stop but you’ll soon get used to it.

Wow, I am all backasswards now. I had gotten a bigger tire and LONGER cranks thinking that would make it faster and better on long rides. Maybe before I cahnge my rim size I will try my 127mm cranks from my 20".

Shorter cranks allow you to spin faster, because your legs have to move less for each pedal revolution. They also make for a smoother ride. As noted above, with shorter cranks you have less leverage, so it’s not as easy to control or stop the uni, but with a 24" street uni, that’s not much of an issue. I’ve never seen anyone find it difficult to switch to 127mm on a 24"; even 110mm takes only a little bit of adjustment.