Lollipop bearings

I’m building a custom small wheel unicycle and I was wondering where I could find some lollipop bearings. Normally I would never touch the things, but as I’m assembling the frame myself they will be significantly easier to use. My searches keep coming up with skateboard bearings, and though that’s not a surprise it is mildly annoying.

Google shopping just comes up with teddy bears if I include the term “lollipop.”

Ugh, the last uni I had with lollipop bearings…that would be the cyclepro…I suppose you could just disassemble one of the unis (united, cyclepro, some of the old ones) with lollipop bearings if you were willing to pay the price for that and accept the damage you would cause to the bearing in removing it…

BTW, what are you doing in the line of crank arms on this thing :thinking:
I’ve been looking into shorter cranks…

Also, what wheel size? How are you building the frame? I might go with something like this instead of a 12", none of em are going to be very practical anyways…

EDIT: The frame cracked on said cyclepro, fortunately the bike shop put the uni towards a new one.

Do you want the bearing housings or the bearings themselves

If you want the housings searching Google produced this as the second result:

If you want the bearings you need to check the inside diameter of the bearing housings and the outside the diameter of the axle - the United bearing housings fit 40mm bearings.


Thanks, I had the word “housings” in my original post but I edited it out for some reason :roll_eyes:
Ah me…
Regarding the diameter of the axle, I will be selecting that to fit the bearings :smiley:

I’ll be building it around an 8" wheel and will drill out some custom cottered cranks.