ok look at this little japanese girl on a unicycle i dont know if you are all alot on you tube but this is so good its kinda funny.

it’s sick. literally, anyone got a shotgun?

Hunting season is open :smiley:

Sweet I havn’t seen that one before, I thought I had seen the JUA freestyle vids but I guess they are finaly putting out some new ones. That girl was crazy good, too bad her routine started to fall apart at the end.

the seat to the side side ride was awesome. Her costume was (BAAAGH run to bathroom puke come back, puke some more)

yah i know shes insane! i have lots of freinds in japan and they all say that lots of people riding em. to bad its not like that here.

I was impressed she could actually keep going as well as she did… if you spun me around as much as her uber-pirouette I’d probably be so dizzy I could barely walk, let alone do a freestyle routine like that!


i got this video
this girl really kick ass

It’s Mai Sato. Here’s and the riding style of the other japanese girls and guys at AJUC is inrcedible Awesome. Go to -> Conventions -> AJUC to see the rest of the japanese Riders dancing on their unis…

Excellent and descriptive thread title. Have you considered a career in literature? The only reason I looked at it was to determine if it was spam. The video was great. Huh, I wonder if “video” is a word you could have used in the thread title. What does “lol” stand for, “language off limits?”

Sorry for the useless post but this must be said…


dude, those were the sickest spins ive ever seen…


Hard to add much to that.

I’ve seen many of these asian freestyle videos. They are soooo far in ADVANCE of anyone I’ve ever seen! That goes for “universe”, “defect”, etc. Yes it’s freestyle and NOT street/trials, but for just sheer talent, She’s in the stratosphere!

interesting choice of song, she was awesome, but i didnt like that she always had her hands poitning to the roof.

are actully harper there has been a bit of dispute between my friends and me in that area I think it stands for “lots of laughter” and my friends think it stands for “larfin out loud” coughharper pwns cyclenoobie cough

on a better note
those spins were crazy fast and those backward coast leg extended things were crazy :astonished:

Lick Old Ladies!


Rock on!

lol stands for lough out loud, or laughing out loud. here’s an example.

knock knock
who’s there
edd who
i cant think of anything else but it rhymes and is really lame

lol. good one.