lol, funny but true shirt on ebay


that is hands down the best unicycle shirt there is

your name is e39m5 and you have 395 posts. coincidence? i think not!


I have to agree with Brian on that one I think the order of best unicycling t-shirts is as follows:

  1. That one
  2. UPD
    3-96. everything else
  3. Gilby’s Mountain Uni

Yup thats a great shirt there, might even buy it!!! Nah Gibly’s mountain unicycle shirt is 100.

Nooooo, my new Defect limited issue t-shirt is The Best.


are you kiddin, the Mountain Uni shirt RULES. but the above is probably one of the best, ever.

Hey thats great.

And true!!!

I love that shirt so much. I want one :stuck_out_tongue: made me laugh the first time I saw it.