LOL check this out!

I’m hopefully getting this nimbus ISIS trials for my b’day. I went to my circus school and before lessons started 2 of my frends were riding these unicycles and i asked how much were they and where did you get them? they said somewhere in adelaide for 180$ and the one on is 340$

What type of riding do your friend do?

So you are trying to say they had Nimbus ISIS unis for almost half the cost that charges? I don’t believe it. It may have looked similar but I highly doubt it was the same uni.

they probably got something like this…

u are looking at the trials isis like this…

If its new I can belive it, but new, i doubt it

there is no way that they would be ISIS. Square tapered hub, yes, but not ISIS. On the very unlikely chance that they are ISIS, I would love to know where to get one.

Those are american prices. Uni Tricks is in Australia. Slight difference.

I guess but seriously… the only difference was the seat, it just didn’t have that bunnyhopping thing coming out of it. and i dont know if it was splined but it was a trials uni with a 20 x 2.50 wheel and was light weight which is very good for trials and kinda street. And i am a beginner i can already do 180 unispin mount and kickup mount and stuff but yer its good

Trials and a little bitta freestyle

That first unicycle is nothing like my frends unicycles