Loic vs Luke

I was watching videos, and think that Loic, and Luke have fairly close unicycling styles, I think people are more familiar with Luke Collalto.
But Ive watched some of Loics Videos latly, and am wondering if he is widly known in France and stuff.

So who do you think is better?

I hate these “who’s better” threads, their riding speaks for itself, you should be out there trying to be better than them and not worrying.


i dont think ive seen much of loics riding.

I think Loic and I have a pretty different riding style. He does alot of flatland.

Loic is well known in france. He’s sponsored by Koxx-one.

I think we’re both pretty even with tricks and stuff.

yea, i saw some of Lukes riding, and thought that you were both great, and i personally think your amazing, but who doesnt, and im guessing its the same way with ppl in France, I’ve seen both of you do a lot of different variations in Treyflips which gave me the idea of this topic.