logos (you need one?)

I am a skilled cartoonist and artist i also do metal sculpture. I draw alot of unicycles in my free time. i specialize in Ed Roth type cartoons if you know who that is. I can make you a really UNIque logo for no price at all. E-mail me at a-train@dubois.com

I have a few ideas… I’ll send you an e-mail.


hey queerkin,

is your “tag” supposed to be quoted from something someone said to me?

if so… kool! i think thats 2 im in now :slight_smile: for bieing a jack-ass :angry:

later cunt machine,

Your mother must be so proud of you.

Even though this was a qoute someone said to you, the reason for me quoting it had nothing to do with you.

Don’t even think about a UNIque logo :stuck_out_tongue: … It’s been done, it’s the logo for my movie (also the name aswell)

Looky here to see UNIque logo

Anyway, you do some really awesome logos! I saw the one for hell on wheel… it’s just… amazing!

Well done man and keep up the good work!

I pretty sure this isn’t the guy that did our new, awesome, logo. From what Sam’s said, I don’t think Will Jones is a unicyclist.

Check your email, but neglect the bit about the Hell on Wheel logo (although it is awesome). :slight_smile:

Oh hes not. Man I’m stupid. What made me think he was? I guess it was just something about logos on the same day. Man I need sleep. I’m really stupid. Garhh… I want to relieve some of my anger. Wish I could swear right now.

im not that guy

Yeah, sorry to disssapoint but im not the same person. so solly

Hey, I’d like to have a Hawaii uni logo, for when I form a club. Any chance you you posting some samples of your work?


yeah thats no problem

no problem. This week I am going to let loose the wraith of my pen to do some samples over spring break. By the end of spring break I will have a bunch to show all of you

                                                                     Thank you

If you guys want any lettering on your logos, it will have to be done by hand. I do everything old school (no computers) but I can do lettering preatty well. for all of you wanting a logo please email me at a-train@dubois.com by friday morning