logo/name help

Hello everybody,

I’ve been kicking around a few ideas for a name for a brand new unicycle club here in SW Pennsylvania. Names that have floated to the top are:

The Wonders (lots of graphic double entendre possibilities)

Fun on One

Blazing Saddles (I don’t think the kids in the club have seen the movie!)

I’ve seen some advice on colors and have taken it to heart, I also know there is some major computer graphics talent out there, so take it easy on my lame attempt that I’m attaching. Actually tell it like it is, we need to come up with something great!:smiley:

Any suggestions and/or help is greatly appreciated.

Blazing Saddles is funny! But I can’t recommend it as a serious name for a club, especially for a family-oriented club. As a cyclist, it first makes me think of the movie (and everything that goes with that), and then it makes me think of what my crotch feels like toward the end of a very long ride…

I like your “Wonders” idea. But how about “One-ders?”

The first time I saw that, I thought it said “The riders” because the shape of the saddle looks kinda like a lower case r. Anyway, I think the one-ders is a keen idea.

Would you be apposed to using a modified Wonder Bread logo? I think it could make for a sweet looking club graphic, I always have liked their color scheme.

The other thing that I think of is a late 60s British invasion band that was parodied in the movie “that thing you do”

Also where were you thinking of meeting at? I should be able to make any club meeting in the pittsburgh area

Next week I think I’m going to Billham’s meeting south of the city to meet up with his crew for a ride. Anyway keep me posted on whats going on, I’ll try to make an apperance or 3.


Yeah, Blazing Saddles gets me giggling too…every single time! Here’s a very rough development of the Fun on One concept.

fun on one.bmp (70 KB)

ooooo…like that Wonder Bread idea! Thanks. Billham’s group is the one that we’re looking for the name for…I should have made that clear…oops. It was his suggestion to post the help request here. The group is lots of fun, I look forward to seeing you there one of these Tuesdays.

Time to go out and buy a loaf of bread.

no worries on buying a loaf of bread thats what the internet is for…

I’ll try to throw something together with the wonderbread logo this weekend, hope to see you Tuesday!


I’ve always read your avatar as “Riders”, with the saddle and frame being a lower-case “r” and the cranks and dot as an “i”. So you could be the 1-ders Ri-ders.

Mike - It would be great if you can make it this Tuesday. Thanks for working up some artwork for us.

To everyone - Any additional ideas for a club name? I think we have a couple good possibilitie4s, but would like to mull over a few more ideas for names.


I thought it was an “I” and said idlers, since I can’t read.

What do I know???

I like the Wonders and the Fun on One, but I definitely prefer the Fun on One. Loved the graphic you did too. Pretty darn good if you ask me, but what do I know… I’m just a bystander!!

By the way, I missed you Tuesday night. I was there doing my thing (bystanding that is).

Keep up the genuis!!


I also missed you guys on tuesday night, I even drove out in rush hour traffic only to drive past the turn off of off McMurry or whatever that road off of 19 is. I spent probably an hour going back and forth off every road I thought had a chance at being the right one. I think I even made it to Tomas st at one point.

Thats the last time I leave directions at home for some church in the boonies.

btw there are like 30 churches in that area and you wernt at any of the other ones, I checked :stuck_out_tongue:

My preference on club names is Deffenatlly The Wonders (Spelling it One-Ders is a bit played out if you ask me) Unfortunatlly I was a bit busy and only got a few sketches down but nothing photoshoped up to show you.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make another trip down that way soon and actually find your secret hide out then.



Bummer to hear you tried to find us, but the directions would have helped a lot. :wink: Next time you come down, we’ll be sure to have a cell phone number for you to call in case you get lost.

Unidaddy wasn’t there either, but we still had 23 riders for the nights and a few spectators. Once warmer weather comes, you’ll have to come down and help me get some of these people hooked on trials.

Fun work you did with Gilby’s avatar. That’s a great uni logo Gilby did. Something of that nature would make a great club logo also. Have any ideas in that direction?


Heres the wonder bread site if that helps at all www.wonderbread.com (not that hard to figure out :smiley:

Sorry about the absence Tuesday night…my volunteering of my absence at work wasn’t well received! I had to be there.

I hope you give the trip down south another chance Checkernuts! It’s a great group of people. I echo Billham’s sentiment about your avatar…very cool.

Uni-mom/bystander. Thanks for the nice words, Billham had some reservations about the asymmetrical quality of the Fun on One logo attempt. I think I might tinker around with that one, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Wonders. Anyway, this all might be a moot point with Checkernuts taking a stab at it, I get the feeling that the talent runs deep there.

Thanks for the great ride Sunday, Bill. Nice neighborhood for riding!

I’ll tinker with this logo and post whatever I come up with (if it’s significantly improved).

Okay, here’s my little attempt at Checkernut’s idea. He suggested using the Wonder Bread logo and modifying it. What do you think?

wonder logo sm.bmp (365 KB)

I was thinking something quite similar…

Its just a rough layout kinda thing but Unidady basically beat me to putting it up


so you guys dont have to dl unidady’s design…

wonder logo sm.jpg

I like yours LOTS better! Great job…and it has one less color to reproduce. Thanks a bunch. I’ll be the kids in the club will dig it. Looking forward to seeing you one of those Tuesday nights.

that looks hot