Login Problems

Hi Everyone,

What is up with the Login lately? I used to log on and be logged on for the whole day. Now I log on, am asked to log on again when I create a new thread or post, and am asked to log on yet again after I have composed and want to actually post! What is up with this? Anyone else experiencing this inconvenience?


Wrong place to post :smiley:
But no, this hasn’t happened to me at all… Mine just stays logged on forever :slight_smile:

What your internet setting on cookies?

If you have firefox Unicorn; is it possible that you have activated the setting that clears your browsing history and cookies etc every time you close? (tools>options>privacy>private data)

I don’t know if there is an option for this on IE though… :thinking:

tools> internet options> general> and click the settings tab in the cookie section.

You know where it says to logon at, and there the little box that says “remember me?” Check that box.

I have Firefox and if I don’t click the remember me box then it logs me out next time I try to do something

this is because, unless you click the remember me box, the cookies have a timeout; which means they will expire in a certain amount of time.

Thanks for the Help Guys

First of all thanks for the help.

Nkahler - Where was I supposed to post?



Or JC.

Have good fun luck logging in.