Logging on, posting problems

(I couldn’t find an answere in the FAQ’s)

On some computers when I want to post a reply or start a thread, of course I’m asked to log in, which I do. Then it says something like “skilewis74, thank you for loggin in” but I’m not logged in and therefore can’t post replies or new threads. :angry: :thinking:

This has has only been a problem when using the computers in my college’s library, so if I really wanted to reply, I’d just do it later at one of the computer labs. At home using my roommate’s computer it hasn’t been a problem, but I recently got my own laptop using the same internet connection and it won’t let me log in :thinking:

Edit: Sorry I just realized this should have been in JC :o

Could it be that cookies are disabled?

I used to have a similar problem, it would only log in from a main screen. I couldn’t log in when it would prompt me to do so after trying to post a reply.

Did anyone figure out what the problem is? I have the same problem from some computers.

I had a problem a few days ago. I had cleared out all cookies in my browser, so the next time I connected to unicyclist.com I had to log in.
I logged into the main page, then clicked on the forums link, then had to log in again.
After that I had no problems.

Here’s a link to the solution:

I’m trying to donate, but I can’t log into paypal either! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have that problem if I dont put the “www.” in front of the “unicyclist.com”. It may just be that, if it’s not, I have no idea what is the problem.

For those who are too lazy typing:

In most browsers you can:
Ctrl+L (places cursor in location bar)*
type “unicyclist” (no explaination needed)
Ctrl+enter (adds www. and .com)*

  • Apple users replace Ctrl with the Comman key (the “Apple key”).

Update: I realized it was only happening when using Internet Explorer. No problem with Firefox.

A few weeks after the OP I was able to post replies if I loged in before trying to reply, this is what I do now since I never heard of another solution. Before I would usually hit reply or “new thread” and it would prompt me to log in which was a bit easier than loging in first. This is still the case.

New problem: (which may already be gone since it’s not doing it in this post) is I can see the cursor while typing but not if I move it w/ the mouse or arrows to a new spot until I start typing again.

It’s possible this is a “feature” of your browser. I very much doubt it has anything to do with the forums software. :slight_smile: