Logan LOG OFF!!!

wow jeez…

I just checked my “user CP” for the first time in a while and found these posts from the beloved members of my fan club.

firstly I recieved one from accord a while ago but erased it cause it was just one, but now here’s what else I got:
from duaner; whoever that is

your posts
You are invited to go away until you grow up some


and one from GILBY

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Stop the nonsense
You better stop posting your useless posts. I will ban you from the forums if you do not stop.

04-12-2004 04:23 AM

wow eh…
these are actually true I’m not messin around here. SO thanks to these people I will increase the amount of random posts I make…and GILBY I challenge you to kick me off the forums…DOIT DOIT DOIT…hey you stole my accent!!! and who is duaner???


Logan, remember, it was Gilby that could ‘kill’ you. Gild was the powerless one. Gild - Gilby. I know their names sound similar but they’re not the same person. Please, Gild is powerless, Gilby has the power. Don’t tempt God!


it’s an abominashion to the unicycling community and the charter of rights to have one of it’s members insulted like such without warrant, anybody who goes against logan is going against the natural order, he just try’s to spread the love, and even offered all unicyclists a 38% discount at his store…common people I mean COM ON…I emplore you to stand up…once logans gone who will bost our opinion…the little man will have no power and the forums will turn into a communist society are you a communist.

At least he spelled communist right…

Yes, but his political analysis is all wrong, implying that under the alternative to communism the “little man” has power.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Don’t be fooled…the writing on the wall (or in the post) says that crazyrider2004 is in fact Logan under a new disguise. Can’t hide that sloppy diction. Or as my great grammie Ethel the Bush said: “Ain’t no foolin’ genetics…”.


No foolin’, you commie twig. You figured that out all by yourself? No help from that draft dodgin’ rock of a husband of yours?



Hey, I’m no commie. I’m a member of the Bush family, and our capitalist credentials are beyond reproach. We find a way to profit from everything. Besides, doubting our patriotism would be downright un-American. Watch your step Flyboy, or I’ll have the Department of Homeland Security cut off your supply of Aunt Jemima syrup.

Re: Re: Re: Re: LOGAN RULES! OK!

i love you

i have to admit, when he starts talking to himself it’s kinda interesting what he comes up with.

…the Bush family:D


I know the Bushes. George Bush is a friend of mine. Tree, you are no Bush.


ummm that’s not me…think what oyu want but I wouldn;t stoop that low, I’m clearlynot justin cozy…OHHHHHH!!!

what i swear i replied to this! as i said logan rocks!


i am NOT logan in disguise hes cool ok! dnt chuck im off!

yeah i no crazyrider2004 infact she is my girlfriend but logan told her what to write in her post she just copied and pasted it but she still thinks he is cool.Probli becuz he is tho!

u peice of shit logan,

your not funny, infact it’s annoying. So why dont u just shut your pie hole and deal with your own problems know one wants to here your boring, sissy, half retarded anticts. So make like a tree and leave

and if your goin to insult me then spell my last name right you dumb ass, its Kozy ( actaully Kohse).


( i actually use to think you were an awesome guy, but i guess i thought wrong)

In answer 2 thinuniking…

for ur info thinuniking, i didnt copy an paste it exactly i changed bits of it 2 suit my purpose!!!

wow…so young so angry…relax yourself there bud. you really can’t take a joke can you, just bring it down a notch.:stuck_out_tongue:

was dat 2 me?

logan if dat was 2 me, i aint angry! OK!!!

Ho HUM! looks like someone CRLAERLY doesn’t understand his superior way of thinking! In fact, he is SO much better than all you guys that he has his named on The Owen’s list of sam-r-tyer people…

Oh, Thinbennydude, you are worthy to join that list. I welcome you to sign your name in…