Loctite questions.

Today I disassembled my KH hub and decided to clean everything up and grease/loctite where applicable. Should I use the red or the blue stuff? Should I put it on the splines too, or just grease there? I know for sure to loctite the crank bolts and the bearing holders. Where else? Should I grease the spacers too?

You just need grease. No need for Loctite threadlocker.

You can use traditional grease, but anti-seize is better for this.

Put anti-seize on the splines. Put anti-seize on the bolt threads. You can also put a little anti-seize between the spacers, but that’s not too important.

Anti-seize is better on the threads here than Loctite because the goal here is to get the bolts really tight. Grease or anti-seize will allow you to get the bolts tight without damaging the threads. Once they’re tight they should stay tight for the most part. You’ll still need to check them occasionally to make sure they stay tight.

Here’s a thread that explains the procedure: Problem with KH-24, help me???

Thanks john. Is white lithium grease ok? That’s all I have for now.

Yeah, that will work. Not as good as anti-seize, but still OK.

So I don’t need any Loctite at all?? I thought it was the solution for everything…like duct tape. :smiley:

Loctite is good for a lot of things, but in this case grease is better. There is not as much of a problem with these bolts spontaneously loosening on their own.

The problem with using Loctite on these bolts is that when you go to tighten them up again, or check to make sure that they are still tight, you will break the Loctite bond. So every time you checked the bolts you’d have to remove the bolt, reapply the Loctite, and then tighten them down again. Loctite works better in places where you tighten the bolt and forget it.

Plus the grease does better for lubricating than Loctite does. The lubrication is important for allowing you to get the bolts really tight and for eliminating squeaks.

I leave the threads on my KH dry. I anti sieze the spindles. I used anti sieze on the threads before. My left, pedalgrabbing crank was loose in a couple of days. I tried a few move times, really torquing down (using a longer piece of tubing on the allen even) but the crank still came loose pretty quick. I tried putting less anti sieze in, and it seemed to help a little. Eventually I got tired of dealing with it, so now I just leave the threads dry. The crank seems to come loose every few weeks, but I carry the allens with me.