hey i have been trying to tighten my pedals about once a week but they seem to come loose ofted could u use loctite on the treads between the crank arms and pedals for a tighter hold?

It sounds like the pedals are on the wrong way around. Have a close look at the end of the spindles or the sides and see if there is a R or L stamped on them. If so, is the L on the left side and the R on the right? If they’re not, then the simple action of riding will naturally loosen them.

Of course, you won’t be able to simply swap over the pedals from one side to another (the threads will be wrong in the cranks), but you can undo the bearing holders at the bottom of the frame and turn the wheel around.

There shouldn’t be any need to loctite them then as riding should keep them tight.

STM - making the assumption that you don’t spend most of your time riding backwards

Blue loctite would be my choice if I was going to use loctite on my pedals, but to be honest I always grease the threads on my pedals, and they have never come off. If you are installing pedals on aluminum cranks you certainly want to put something (grease/loctite) on the threads to prevent galvanic action which will chemically bind the pedal threads to the crank arm. I guess if you never plan on removing the pedals maybe a little saltwater to make sure that they never come off (never, that is without a torch:) ).

I think that the left/right thing is worth looking at. If they are backwards the threads will be in a self loosening direction.


Certainly be sure you have everything assembled properly, if you still have the problem, here is my experience…
I had a similar situation on my new Nimbus X. Everything was absolutely, positively assembled correctly and the stock pedals were tightened as much as I could with the provided wrench. :roll_eyes: The pedals still came loose and started to eat into my cranks. I read about using blue loctite, gave it a try and it solved the problem. It doesn’t take much to hold them, no more than a couple of drops per pedal. Not too long afterward I decided to upgrade to KH cranks and Twisted PC pedals and since doing so I haven’t had even a hint of pedal loosening. As usual, spending more money seems to be a very effective solution.


i’ve used loctite and it is just fine. just use the removable kind and not the permanent. i believe the blue is the removable kind.

Blue is removeable. Red is the one that is more permanent. I think they say you need to apply heat to release it. The green loctite is less viscous, and designed to wick into threads that are already assembled. In my experience the green is too strong for most applications, but still releasable (with a lot more effort).

I’ve used blue locktite on crank arms very successsfully, saved me a lot of hassle and expense.

BTW: it doesn’t have to be “Locktite” brand, just make sure the color is blue.